Landscape & Irrigation

Landscape and irrigation design utilizes plants, other natural or synthetic materials, and water to beautify a space, draw attention to important features, or screen unsightly views. Successful landscape designs are developed through a basic understanding of plant materials and a working knowledge of design principles such as color, line, form, texture, scale, unity, balance, transition, proportion, and repetition. In recent years, a greater emphasis has been placed on conserving water resources. Selecting native or drought-tolerant plants, using captured rainwater or recycled grey water for irrigation purposes, or using high-efficiency irrigation technologies can minimize water consumption in the landscape.

Schwab Eaton provides landscape and irrigation design services to create aesthetic, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces for our clients. Our landscape architects have worked with homeowners, small and large communities, developers, and commercial clients. A variety of landscape styles can be achieved depending upon the client’s specific needs, preferences, and budget. We can prepare planting and irrigation plans, critical construction details, and technical specifications for the purposes of bidding and construction.

For a nominal fee, contractors may purchase access to our Plan Room for one year. As a Plan Room subscriber, you will have unlimited access to download PDF versions of Schwab Eaton plans, specifications, and addendums for the projects you are interested in bidding.

Schwab Eaton is a full-service professional engineering and design firm. We offer civil engineering, surveying, landscape architecture, and construction support services.