Plazas & Streetscapes

Attractive streetscapes and plazas that function well are critical components of vibrant communities. Such spaces, reminiscent of the traditional town square, historically have been the location of political speeches, markets, and community celebrations. When designed well, these public spaces provide a safe, pleasant, and inviting environment for people of all ages to enjoy. They can be a force for economic growth, attracting new people and businesses to the area, and a place for relaxation in the middle of the day.

Schwab Eaton understands the true value of these public spaces and is committed to creating beautiful, energetic spaces where people live, work, shop, and play. We have seen downtown business districts transformed by investments in pedestrian and streetscape amenities. Schwab Eaton has worked with large and small communities, universities, and private developers to create or revitalize public streetscapes and plazas. We have also assisted other consultants with planning and design services for these types of projects.

For a nominal fee, contractors may purchase access to our Plan Room for one year. As a Plan Room subscriber, you will have unlimited access to download PDF versions of Schwab Eaton plans, specifications, and addendums for the projects you are interested in bidding.

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