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Dodge City High School Parking and Drive Renovations

Dodge City, Kansas 5/5/2015 4/17/2015

Russell High School Track and Field Improvements

Russell, Kansas 05/08/15 04/21/15

Cowley County RWD No. 3 Elevated Water Tower

Cowley County RWD No. 3 5/21/15 4/21/15

Cowley County RWD No. 3 Distribution System and Chlorination Building

Cowley County RWD No. 3 5/21/15 4/21/15

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For over forty years, Schwab Eaton has been providing construction support services to cities, counties, developers, and contractors. Our inspectors are Kansas Department of Transportation, American Concrete Institute and American Society for Testing and Materials certified.

Schwab Eaton provides a full line of surveying services including preliminary and final platting for subdivisions, design surveys, topographic surveys, right-of-way surveys, boundary surveys, ACSM/ALTA surveys, Mortgage Title Inspections, flood elevation certificates, and construction staking.

Schwab Eaton provides professional engineering, design, and construction support services to assist our clients with a variety of project challenges. Our past projects are proof that Schwab Eaton can deliver quality service during every stage of a project’s development.