Northwing Addition

Project Description

Schwab Eaton utilized a new method of development called “coving” to create Northwing Addition, a new 286-lot residential subdivision in northeast Manhattan, Kansas. Created by Rick Harrison Site Design Studio, coving uses a curved street pattern with varied building setbacks. The result is a pedestrian friendly neighborhood where home sites appear to be larger than they actually are and most lots back up to open space. The varied setback greatly improves curb appeal by eliminating straight rows of garages typically seen in other subdivisions. Utilizing these methods at Northwing allowed Schwab Eaton’s designer to create a unique community on an otherwise difficult parcel. The tract was oddly shaped and did not lend itself to a typical community layout. Coving allowed the developer to plat more lots per acre than a traditional design, and give new homeowners the impression of larger lots. In addition, the land was flat and there were drainage challenges in the surrounding area that needed to be addressed as part of this project. A network of open space was created behind and between homes to handle storm drainage during rain events. That same space doubles as a recreational and scenic amenity when the sun is shining.

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