Wamego Telecommunications

Project Description

This project involved new site development and landscape improvements for the Wamego Telecommunications Company. The building is located at a busy intersection of two highways in Wamego, Kansas. Schwab Eaton’s landscape architects wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape corridor that drew the public’s attention to the site, and complemented the architecture of the building. Wide sweeping brush strokes of plant material were used to tie the two entrances of the site together, while directing traffic to the building. Low to medium water-use plant selections were used that would create visual interest throughout the year. The entire landscape is watered with an automated water-efficient irrigation system. The system was designed with a rain sensor connected to the central controls, which overrides the watering programs during periods of rainy weather. This built landscape greatly enhances the Wamego Telecommunications building and creates an aesthetically pleasing environment for both Telecom employees and the general public. It became a very positive element in this high-traffic, and highly visual location of the city.

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