Buckeye Ave. & First Intersection

Project Description

The intersection of Buckeye Ave. (K-15) and First Street in Abilene is a major junction for semi-trailers and grain trucks which do business with the local grain elevators, but the existing curb radii were not adequate to permit turning movements for these larger vehicles. As a result, the intersection’s curbs and inlet tops were severely broken, and turning trucks were regularly encroaching on opposing traffic lanes. Other design issues included shallow storm sewer, restrictions on construction sequencing, and traffic signals that no longer met MUTCD guidelines. The City approached Schwab Eaton to draft a grant application to KDOT through their Geometric Improvements program. Following the award of this grant, Schwab Eaton was selected to design improvements at the intersection, widening the curb returns to allow for turning trucks, and installing new traffic signals and storm sewer inlets. The project was completed in December, 2014.

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