Bel Aire Parks Master Plan

Project Description

The City of Bel Aire, Kansas is a growing mid-size community abutting the Wichita metropolitan area. In response to recent growth trends and the desire to manage parks and recreation resources, the City procured the services of Schwab Eaton to assist in preparing a Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. The Plan's intent was to provide a general overview of the Bel Aire parks and recreation system with respect to existing services, and to identify potential future needs. The Plan made numerous recommendations that could be implemented over time as budgets allowed and needs arose.

Schwab Eaton analyzed the City's eight existing parks. Each park was also classified based on its general function, size and probable service area based on the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) guidelines. Schwab Eaton reached out to the public for their feedback through public meetings and a written survey that was distributed to over 2800 households. The written questionnaire, developed by the FHSU Docking Institute of Public Affairs, was a valuable tool to objectively gage the opinions of City residents with regards to their use of existing parks and recreation facilities, the level of support for future additional facilities, and their opinions regarding various funding mechanisms.