Neosho Riverwalk

Project Description

Schwab Eaton assisted the City of Council Grove by planning and designing the Neosho Riverwalk.  The Riverwalk is an important pedestrian and bicycle link to some of the City’s 18 historic sites. Prior to the project, the Neosho River corridor passing through the heart of the community and central business district was an eyesore. The riverbanks were inaccessible and difficult to maintain. Through ISTEA funding, major improvements were made to address this problem and enable utilization of a potential natural and historic resource. Improvements included a pedestrian-bicycle path, bridge, interpretive site, waterfall, site lighting, site furniture, riverbank improvements, and landscaping. Future extension of the bikeway is planned to connect the city with Council Grove Reservoir to the north. Many people now enjoy the site and it is frequently used for festivals and community events.