Depot Plaza

Project Description

Depot Plaza is an outdoor public space adjacent to Chanute’s historic railroad depot. It extends approximately 2½ blocks within the central business district. Schwab Eaton developed a long-range master plan for the project. The project incorporated streetscape improvements, walking and bicycle path (which will link eventually with other trails), outdoor amphitheatre, restrooms, gazebo, public gathering areas, decorative fences and masonry walls, planters, outdoor artwork, site furniture, interpretive (railroad history) stations, landscaping, and vintage lighting. The project involved public participation and reviews by the State Historic Preservation Office. The first phase was constructed using a grant obtained from the Department of Commerce and Housing. Significant restoration of the depot and other historic buildings within the area had previously been performed. However, the area remained blighted until this project was proposed. The first phase has greatly improved the area and subsequent phases are planned to occur as monies become available.

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