Lincoln Street Enhancements

Project Description

Lincoln Street, in downtown Wamego, is a popular shopping place for residents living between Manhattan and Topeka. Schwab Eaton developed a streetscape master plan encompassing three city blocks of the city’s central business district. Schwab Eaton worked closely with City officials, the Chamber of Commerce, and local businesspeople to secure funding through the popular TEA-21 Program administered by the Kansas Department of Transportation. Hardscape improvements included sidewalk replacements, construction of bulb-outs at the intersections, and raised landscape planters. Pavers were incorporated which included a motif of the historic Dutch windmill located in the nearby City Park. Improvements were also made to the storm drainage, public water, and street lighting systems. Signage, bollards, urns, irrigated planting areas, and street furniture added the finishing touches. The community is very proud of the streetscape enhancements, and some of the design elements have been extended to other parts of town. This project has received commendation from DOT representatives who visited from other states. Lincoln Street has become a benchmark for other small communities who aspire to improve or revitalize their business districts.

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