Solomon Downtown Revitalization

Project Description

This small community had a vision to perform significant improvements to the business district. Prior to this project, the infrastructure downtown was seriously deteriorated with crumbling sidewalks and brick streets, poor lighting levels, and insufficient storm drainage systems. The award-winning project provided the opportunity to replace the entire infrastructure. Schwab Eaton worked in collaboration with the City and the North Central Regional Planning Commission to procure a comprehensive grant from the Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing. Additional funding was obtained through establishment of a tax increment finance district. Most of the businesses located in downtown Solomon are not conventional merchants. Due to the nature of the business and office space, some unique strategies were developed to create a more corporate image in the business district. Schwab Eaton’s design incorporated brick pavers in the intersections and sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, a central plaza and pavilion, accessible ramps to each business, and a new park at the east end of Main Street. Extra parking was created immediately north of downtown and new storm drainage and water utilities were installed. The business owners downtown have become so excited about the appearance that they are beginning to perform significant improvements to their buildings fronting on Main Street. Private improvements to several buildings have been completed and others are in the planning stages. These improvements are increasing property values and providing better work environments for those employed downtown. The City was awarded an ACEC Public Improvement Award for this innovative project.

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