Sunset Zoological Park Entry Plaza

Project Description

Over the years, Sunset Zoological Park has continued to improve its facilities. For this project Schwab Eaton assisted WDM Architects, an architectural firm specializing in zoo planning and design. The main project goal was to provide a completely new entrance to the zoo with a new education/entry building and entry plaza. Thus the first phase of the John Woodard Memorial Gibbons Exhibit and Nature Exploration Center was completed in 2012. 

Schwab Eaton assisted the Architect with site design of the plaza and parking areas, and prepared site improvement, grading, spot elevation, utility, and storm water plans. Storm water detention involved a concrete spreader channel that intercepted run-off from the parking lot and which overflowed into a series of infiltration trenches installed on a slope planted with native grasses. The entry plaza provided a more functional and attractive entrance to the park.

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