Project Renderings

Project Description

Planning boards and other governmental bodies, neighborhood groups, potential buyers, investors, or tenants desire and often expect to see images that depict what projects will look like before they are built. Schwab Eaton specializes in creating color renderings, presentation graphics, and three-dimensional models to fulfill the unique needs of our clients. The images that we create can be used as an integral part of the design process or as a marketing tool to "sell" the project.

 We routinely develop the following types of graphics for communities, developers, and architects:

  • Site Plan Renderings: Depict a project from an overhead or aerial perspective.

  • Conceptual Renderings: Hand-drawn or computer generated images used to communicate the project's "big idea" early in the design process.

  • Photorealistic Renderings: Detailed and realistic-looking computer-generated depictions that include accurate textures and colors.

  • Photo Montages: A photorealistic image created by combining photographs of an existing site with a realistic rendering of the proposed improvements.

  • Landscape Visualizations: Computer-generated imagery that depicts proposed plant materials in their planned context. 

  • Animations: Walk, drive, or fly through your project to see how people will experience it. Below is an example of a drive-through animation of one of our recent projects.


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