Broadway Recreation Complex

Project Description

Broadway Recreation Complex is a 50-acre outdoor sports facility serving a range of age groups. The facility includes six soccer fields, a football field, and six ball diamonds serving local baseball and softball programs. Parking, restrooms, concessions, batting cages, warm-up areas, site utilities and maintenance facilities were constructed to support the athletic activities. The complex met a significant long-term need within the Winfield community. Schwab Eaton assisted the City with the project by developing a master plan and performing the design development tasks. A rough grading plan was also prepared to shape the site and facilitate drainage. The City performed many of the construction tasks and functioned as the general contractor for the remaining work. Schwab Eaton was retained on an “on-call” basis to prepare working drawings and specifications for portions of the work contracted out by the City. A local architect provided design services for buildings and structures at the complex.

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