Bridge Replacement

Project Description

Allen County requested Schwab Eaton to develop plans for a bridge replacement and approach roadway reconstruction project on one of the most heavily travelled RS routes in the county. The route had formerly been a state highway that was turned back over to the county. It carried approximately 2800 vehicles per day and it had a section of roadway on the north end of the project that had a history of accidents due to vehicles sliding off the road in icy weather. The existing bridge was an overflow structure for the Neosho River that had deteriorated over the years and was in need of replacement.

The road was closed to traffic during construction due to the proximity of a nearby highway that could carry the extra traffic. The vertical curve on the north bridge approach was flattened and the superelevation in the horizontal curve was reduced to minimize the potential for vehicles sliding off the road. The replacement bridge was a 54'-2 @ 72'-54' reinforced concrete haunched slab bridge with a 30 foot roadway.

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