K-15 & 14th Street Improvements

Project Description

The City of Newton asked Schwab Eaton to conduct a traffic engineering study to determine the safety and efficiency of the intersection of Highway K-15 and 14th Street. The existing intersection was stop-controlled with poor sight distance, inadequate curb return radii, structurally deficient medians, and inadequate turn lane storage. This intersection had been the source of numerous accidents and significant delay during peak hour traffic. Schwab Eaton examined several alternatives including a six-legged roundabout, reconstructed acceleration and deceleration lanes on US-50 Highway, reconfigured ramp facilities, and various configurations of a signalized intersection. As a result of the study, a signalized intersection concept was selected and Schwab Eaton was retained to perform design services on the project. The project included construction of a traffic signal, raised concrete medians, curb and gutter, pavement widening, sidewalk, storm sewer, traffic signage, and pavement marking.

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