K-18 & Miller Parkway/Davis Drive Interchange

Project Description

Schwab Eaton completed the design for a tight diamond interchange at Miller Parkway/Davis Drive in 2011.  The existing 2-way stop controlled at grade intersection had a history of severe accidents due to the high speeds on K-18.  The challenge was to develop an interchange that would function at a high Level of Service while minimizing the impact to the existing residential development on both sides of the highway.  

The solution was a tight diamond interchange utilizing mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls (MSEW) between the ramps and K-18 to minimize the overall footprint.  In addition, MSEW walls were added to the outside of 2 ramps to further reduce right-of-way impacts.    K-18 was lowered approximately 3 feet at Miller Parkway to provide the required vertical clearance for the sideroad bridge over K-18 while minimizing right-of-way impacts in the adjacent neighborhoods.  Only three residential properties were acquired to accommodate the interchange and the associated modifications to the City street network.

The design included a 5-lane two 98’ spans continuous composite rolled steel beam bridge with sidewalks set on vertical abutments with a center pier. 

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